April 28, 2009

One Wired Bike!

I was having a cup of coffee at Peets last weekend and this funky looking road bike caught my eye.  Check out the photo.  With the gnarly mesh-looking […]
April 20, 2009

Single Family Home Prices Are Off Big Time in Mountain View’s Waverly Park !

I recently had an inquiry on this Blog’s chat box asking about pricing in the Waverly Park neighborhood of Mountain View.  I thought I would give an expanded answer […]
April 14, 2009

Los Altos Home Builders Save Money While Minimizing Landfill Waste

Several weeks ago, I posted a video of a neighborhood house being demolished prior to it being rebuilt.  A large backhoe took about 75 minutes to tear down […]
April 9, 2009

Four Single Family Homes Currently For Sale In Cupertino Are Short Sale Properties

According to our local Multiple Listing Service, there currently are four single family homes in Cupertino for sale that are listed as “short sale” properties.  These homes are: 18840 Newsom […]