August 14, 2008

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Why Do Real Estate Agents “Buy” Listings?

There is a less than admorable side to the practice of real estate that involves agents “buying” listings.   Buying a listing is when a real estate agent artificially overvalues […]
August 1, 2008

Mountain View Real Estate Statistics, What Do The First Half Sales Numbers Tell Us?

The Multiple Listing Service is our most efficient means to sell a home and the most reliable source of local real estate market information.  The following […]
August 1, 2008

The Los Altos Office Of Financial Title Is Back In Business….Well Sort Of

Two days ago, Financial Title went boots up.  Late yesterday, the entire crew from the Los Altos Financial Title is back in business.  No, not with Financial […]
July 30, 2008

Financial Title Is Out Of Business

My usual routine in the morning is to get up, let the dog out of her kennel and then check my e-mail.  This morning my e-mail had […]