May 29, 2008

Los Altos’ Pet Parade…61 Years Of Fun And Counting!

Saturday April 17th marked the 61st anniversary of the Kiwanis Pet Parade.  My first recollection of the pet parade was back when I was at Oak elementary school.  […]
May 27, 2008

RSVP Helps Seniors Maintain Their Homes

RSVP, a Realtor Service Volunteer Program, is an annual community volunteer program supported and sponsored by the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors.  The nuts and bolts […]
May 15, 2008

Chris Lieto, The Green Athlete and Sungevity

I took off the first weekend of May to do my annual pilgrimage south to Lake San Antonio for the Wildflower Triathlon weekend.  Usually, I go […]
May 1, 2008

8 Steps To Providing Excellent Service In Real Estate And Why Sometimes We Don’t Provide It!

15, 10, even 5 years ago, the art of presenting an offer was a valued skilled that every agent tried to perfect.  There were benefits to […]