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I first moved to Los Altos at the ripe age of 6 months.  My parents relocated from Minnesota to Sunnyvale and then to Los Altos.  After a 4 year hiatus for college and a 10 year stint living in west San José, I moved back to Los Altos in 2000.

There are many things that make living in Los Altos fabulous; great schools, friendly neighbors, and good weather.  Great hiking trails are just a few minutes away.  Our local roads provide some of the best road biking routes around, the beach is only 45-60 minutes away and Lake Tahoe is just 4.5 hours away.

Los Altos has some excellent restaurants and its downtown is becoming more vibrant.  But to long time residents, Los Altos hasn’t been known as a town with a vibrant nightlife.  An ongoing joke is that Los Altos closes at 7:00 p.m.  However that sleepy reputation is changing for the better.  Los Altos continues to add new and exciting restaurants and other activities to its downtown core while maintaining its charming local feel.

Below are some of the fun events that happen each year in Los Altos.

Art in the Park

Pet Parade

Farmers Market

Friday Movie Nights

Art and Wine Festival

Fall Festival

Festival of Lights Parade

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